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Dinner @TheVillage in Studio City, CA #dinner #losangeles

25 Feb

Dinner @TheVillage in Studio City, CA #dinner #losangeles

I don’t normally venture out to Studio City for dinner, but The Village on Ventura Blvd. is a very cute and fun place to dine. The drinks are strong and the food was pretty good.

The oysters (top left), kale salad (above mac n’ cheese), and brussels sprouts (no image) were my top pics. The scallops (top right) were too salty, although I enjoyed the lentils, and the truffle jalapeƱo mac n’ cheese was bland (bottom right). I plan to go back during their happy hour and try more things.




Lola’s Peruvian in Glendale, CA #Glendale #Peruvian

29 Jan

Lola's Peruvian in Glendale, CA #Glendale #Peruvian

This is the traditional ceviche with shrimp. Sometime’s they overdo the lemon in a ceviche, but I was content with Lola’s. I wouldn’t say it’s better than home-made ceviche, where you can control how much of the ingredients you put in. Still a good eat.




#Seafood galore. Boston, MA #Giacomo’s

7 Jan

#Seafood galore. Boston, MA #Giacomo's

You didn’t think I would wait 2 hours and not snap a pic of my meal?

This is the house special for one. There is a larger size that feeds two. Scallops, calamari, clams, mussels and lobster, served over lingiune with your choice of sauce pesto, fra diavolo, red, giacomo or scampi. This sauce is the giacomo.



#Seafood #Giacomo’s, Boston, MA

7 Jan

#Seafood #Giacomo's, Boston, MA

This is the place to eat for any seafood lover. The place is by far one of the smallest restaurants I’ve been in and the line to get in was the longest line I’ve waited for a restaurant. We waited almost 2 hours to get a table, outside, in freezing weather.

After you’re half way through your meal, when you just start to feel your toes again, you realize the wait was worth it. At least for me it was.



Lobster truck @Harvard Square. Boston, MA #foodtrucks

7 Jan

Lobster truck @Harvard Square. Boston, MA #foodtrucks

As we were exiting Harvard square, I stumbled upon a lobster truck. I’ve been chasing the famous LobstaTruck here in Los Angeles and have had no luck. I had the lobster mac n’ cheese from the LobstaLove truck and if it wasn’t freezing outside I could have walked back for more.



Union Oyster House. Boston, MA #Oysters

7 Jan

Union Oyster House. Boston, MA #Oysters

If you want amazing oysters with a side if history you have to go to Union Oyster House. It is Boston’s oldest restaurant. You can even see and sit in the exact booth John F. Kennedy would have his oysters. I also loved their clam chowder.

Read about their history here.