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Vegan Burger @thefederalbar

4 Apr


As you can tell by my older posts I am a meat lover, but the Lebanese in me came out and I had to try the vegan falafel burger. It was good with a kick of spiciness. The fries were also very good.

The Federal Bar
5303 Lankershim Blvd
North Hollywood
North Hollywood, CA 91601
(818) 980-2555



Animal part III – Best for Last

3 Feb


Before foie gras was banned on the menu, I made sure to go back and have this dish. I must have had it about 3 times if not more. It was one of the best things on the menu. I’d like to be hopeful that one day it will return (legally of course).

foie gras, biscuit, maple sausage gravy biscuit, maple sausage gravy



Animal part II

3 Feb


Rabbit leg. Mushrooms. Peas. Polenta. Enough Said!



3 Feb


I haven’t posted in a while, so it’s only fitting to come back with an oldy but goody. These next few dishes are from one of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles, Animal.

Highly recommended for people who are open to try anything, good for sharing. The menu is limited and I usually like to order a few things and test it out.

This picture is of the veal tongue, smoked foie gras, pastrami spices, crab apple



@UmamiBurger, Los Angeles

12 Jan

@UmamiBurger, Los Angeles

This will be one of my many posts about Umami Burger in Los Angeles. They have a number of locations, my favorite being Umamicatessen in Downtown LA. http://www.umami.com/umamicatessen/

This might not be the best picture I have of the Manly Burger, but it is my favorite burger on the menu. Cheddar cheese, onion strings, bacon lardons, & a mustard spread.

If you haven’t been to Umami, I suggest finding a burger buddy and trying different burgers. The hungrier you are the better.