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Macaron Craze @BottegaLouie #DTLA

28 Feb

Macaron Craze @BottegaLouie #DTLA

I had never been a big fan of macarons until Bottega Louie opened near my work in 2007. Since then I’ve tried a couple of different places, but Bottega is still the freshest and tastiest I’ve had in Los Angeles.

BL is my regular spot for breakfast, coffee, and their sweets.


28 Feb

I can almost taste it by just looking at it.


Homemade chocolate chip pancakes

26 Feb


I simply followed the ingredients on the back of the pancake mix box and added my own ingredients. I recommend Trader Joe’s for any of your needs. The truffle infused honey is from a small restaurant/market in Downtown, LA called Artisan House.



Dinner @TheVillage in Studio City, CA #dinner #losangeles

25 Feb

Dinner @TheVillage in Studio City, CA #dinner #losangeles

I don’t normally venture out to Studio City for dinner, but The Village on Ventura Blvd. is a very cute and fun place to dine. The drinks are strong and the food was pretty good.

The oysters (top left), kale salad (above mac n’ cheese), and brussels sprouts (no image) were my top pics. The scallops (top right) were too salty, although I enjoyed the lentils, and the truffle jalapeño mac n’ cheese was bland (bottom right). I plan to go back during their happy hour and try more things.



A little taste of Lebanon

22 Feb

A little taste of Lebanon

This is a traditional Arab dessert called Kunefe Jibne. Us Lebanese mostly eat it as breakfast or in Lebanon at 4am after a typical Friday/Saturday night. This one in particular is the one I had in Lebanon on my trip last year. If you love cheese and sweets this you need to try it. I haven’t found one in Los Angeles that is as good as my grandmother’s but a few Middle Eastern bakeries will usually make this.

This is a link for the New Yorkers. I am definitely putting this on my NY list.

22 Feb


daisy's world

Hawaiian-style Salmon Poke

Sushi is arguably the most popular raw fish dish (and my absolute favorite), but there are many other raw fish dishes from around the world.  Over the next few posts, I would like to share my interpretation of some other raw fish dishes I’ve enjoyed. First up is poke, a staple of “pupu” platters across Hawaii, traditionally made with cubed raw fish marinated in Hawaiian sea salt, soy sauce, roasted crushed candlenut, sesame oil, ogo or other types of seaweed, and chopped chili pepper.

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Big Sugar Bakeshop, Studio City, CA #cupcakes #bakeshop #sweettooth

8 Feb

Big Sugar Bakeshop, Studio City, CA #cupcakes #bakeshop #sweettooth

Last week I stumbled upon this bakeshop on Ventura blvd. It has been around for 6 years. Other than cupcakes they have pies, kitchen supplies, books, cool trinkets, and even holiday cards. They also have tables so you can enjoy you sweets as soon as you get it.

Top left –
*Belgian Chocolate – chocolate cake with Belgian dark chocolate buttercream
*Mint Chip – chocolate cake with pastel green peppermint buttercream and mini chocolate chips
*Birthday Party – vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream
*Chococcino – chocolate cake with cappuccino buttercream

bottom left-
*Red Velvet – red velvet cake with vanilla buttercream

bottom right- {My Pick}
*Boston Cream Pie – vanilla with vanilla bean pastry cream filling and chocolate ganache